Award Winning





After a mysterious manuscript appears on her desk and at her home, Anna is haunted by dreams where she is living in 366 BCE.
With the help of reincarnation experts, archeologists and a Kabbalist Rabbi, Anna discovers she is, in fact, Adara, the reincarnated daughter of Queen Vashti.

Risking her company and budding relationship with book’s author, Dr. Nathaniel Braverman, a Middle Eastern Studies professor at Brandeis University,
she must find a way to break an ancient curse put on her and fulfill a vow she made centuries ago, before her 30th birthday in the present,
that will finally bring her true happiness in love and change the world’s view on a biblical heroine.

Red Wine for Breakfast

A strong, determined ex- New Yorker
 has to shake off the laid-back attitude
 of Los Angeles 
to overcome the challenges
 of a radio industry 
that threatens to turn her off, 
and a man who only wants to turn her on.




First Class Male

A small town postmaster
 secretly edits a 
NY City district attorney's manuscript and 
becomes the target of  jealousy, 
blackmail  and revenge




Undercover Reunion

Two lifelong girlfriends find their childhood game of playing spies from a 60s TV show becomes all too real when they attend their 30th high school reunion and are recruited by the same organization to thwart a former schoolmate’s plan for worldwide domination.



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"Let my words give you sustenance, nourish your spirit, and take you places you've never imagined. 
Not just for today when you've read them, but for whatever forever we have in this life. Or the next."
Raven West

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